Converse Bay 1

Royal Savage Yacht Club

Depth @ 102' lake level: 18'
Coordinates: 44° 17.004' N, 73° 17.165' W

Recommended max: 6,500 lbs / 26' LOA

Last Inspected: 6/19/20

All metal hardware listed below is galvanized unless otherwise noted. Hardware with no "[measurement] remaining" information had no measurable wear.

 GREEN: Good condition.

 YELLOW: Fair condition.

 RED: Replace immediately.

Mooring Components:

  • 6' pickup buoy

  • 5/8" yacht braid pendant w/ thimble, 16' length

  • 1/2" shackle w/ SS wire

  • Polyform A-3 mooring ball

  • 1/2" Polyform shackle w/ SS wire

  • 1/2" shackle w/ SS wire

  • 1/2" eye-eye swivel

  • 1/2" shackle w/ zip tie

  • 3/8" chain, 8' length

  • 1/2" shackle w/ zip tie

  • 1/2" self-color chain, 30' length

  • 1/2" shackle w/ zip tie

  • 5/8" shackle w/ SS wire - 1/2" remaining

  • ~200lb? mushroom anchor w/ 7/8" eye -  13/16" remaining. Weight is a guess (but fairly sure).

Mooring Maintenance — 6/19/20

Replaced the 28' worn 3/8" chain rode with 1/2" new self-color chain, & reused 3/8" top chain from TFB mooring. Also (2) new 1/2" shackles mid-chain & bottom chain mooring end. Relocated from 44° 16.985' N, 73° 17.114' W.

Until the newly relocated mushroom anchor has set, this mooring may be more likely to drag if used by large boats in significant storms.

Mooring Inspection — 5/6/20

This mooring is in poor shape.

The 3/8" chain is worn to 1/4" & heavily corroded. A few chain links directly below the mooring ball had 1/8" remaining, which I cut off.

Boats using this mooring in large storms are likely to experience shock loading due to the chain rode being all 3/8" chain & short (2:1) scope. The light chain & short scope causes more/faster chain wear & restricts the max boat size more than what's typical.

Charlie added a new pendant, new swivel & all new top shackles.

This mooring is scheduled to be moved 1/2" mile north. Assuming 18' depth @ 102' lake level at the new location, recommend replacing the chain rode with 30' of 1/2" chain & 8' of 3/8" chain.

Cursory Mooring Ball Inspection — 11/19/19

This mooring ball & tackle are in good shape. The line to the pickup buoy is undersized & brittle. Also the tackle under the mooring ball is a mess of 4 shackles. No swivel was found at the top of the chain but there may be one farther down the chain rode. The pendant is in fair shape with some chafing at the back of the thimble. The mooring chain looked very worn & may need replacement next year.

Recommend replacing the pickup buoy line with new larger diameter line. Also recommend simplifying the shackle setup below the mooring ball by using a Polyform buoy shackle, & reusing a 5/8" shackle for the pendant & a 1/2" shackle for the chain. The pendant is probably okay to continue using for another year or two but the chafing is not ideal for safety.


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