Kingsland Bay 3

Royal Savage Yacht Club

Depth @ 102' lake level: 21'
Coordinates: 44° 14.272' N, 73° 18.025' W

Recommended max: 3,000 lbs / 21' LOA *

* derated, see notes

Last Inspected: 5/6/20

All metal hardware listed below is galvanized unless otherwise noted. Hardware with no "[measurement] remaining" information had no measurable wear.

 GREEN: Good condition.

 YELLOW: Fair condition.

 RED: Replace immediately.

Mooring Components:

  • 6' pickup buoy

  • 5/8" 3-strand nylon pendant w/ thimble

  • 1/2" shackle w/ zip tie

  • 18" mooring ball, thru-hole style

  • 3/8" chain, 4' length

  • 1/2" shackle w/ zip tie

  • 3/4" eye-eye swivel

  • 1/2" shackle w/ zip tie

  • 3/8" chain, 24' length - VERY SHORT SCOPE, see notes

  • 1/2" shackle w/ SS wire

  • 5/8" shackle w/ SS wire

  • 4x4x1' concrete mooring block (1,200 lbs in-water weight) w/ dual 7/8" bails

Mooring Inspection — 5/6/20

This mooring is in very good condition overall. Everything is in very good shape with minimal corrosion, aside from the stainless mousing wire reacting with the galvanized mooring block shackles (not a safety concern yet).

During spring 2020 setup, I moved the swivel to below the mooring ball at Charlie's request. This required using a new 1/2" shackle to make the extra chain connection.

With a seasonal max depth of 18', the scope of this mooring is pretty short at 1.5:1. While not recommended, that can be typical for a dense mooring field in a protected cove.

Boats using this mooring in large storms are likely to experience shock loading due to the chain rode being all 3/8" chain. This combined with the abnormally short scope may result in severe shock loading. The high degree of shock loading on this mooring is likely to snap the pendant or cause damage to bow cleats. The chain rode only weighs ~40 lbs & isn't heavy or long enough to have a significant catenary effect. The only helpful aspect is this mooring is located farther back in Kingsland Bay, but it in the center in terms of east/west location & may still receive significant wave action in north wind.

Recommend replacing the lower chain with 1/2" chain, or a mix of 1/2" & 5/8" chain. Also recommend lengthening scope a little closer to 2:1.

Cursory Mooring Ball Inspection — 11/19/19

This mooring appears to be in very good condition. Looks like a block from sonar image. No pickup buoy. "RSYC" logo mostly rubbed off the mooring ball.

Recommend adding a pickup buoy & repainting "RSYC" on the ball.


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