Porter Bay 2

Royal Savage Yacht Club

Depth @ 102' lake level: 16'
Coordinates: 44° 13.763' N, 73° 18.991' W

Recommended max: 3,000 lbs / 21' LOA *

* derated, see notes

Last Inspected: 5/6/20

All metal hardware listed below is galvanized unless otherwise noted. Hardware with no "[measurement] remaining" information had no measurable wear.

 GREEN: Good condition.

 YELLOW: Fair condition.

 RED: Replace immediately.

Mooring Components:

  • 6' pickup buoy

  • 5/8" yacht braid (Maxi-Moor II) pendant w/ thimble

  • 1/2" shackle w/ SS wire

  • Polyform A-3 mooring ball

  • 1/2" Polyform shackle w/ SS wire

  • 5/8" eye-eye swivel - 7/16" remaining (but wide)

  • 1/2" shackle w/ zip tie

  • 3/8" chain, 20' length - 1/4" remaining but w/ no significant corrosion. Too short for proper scope.

  • 1/2" shackle w/ SS wire

  • 5/8" eye-eye swivel - 1/2" remaining, heavily corroded

  • 5/8" shackle w/ SS wire  - 1/2" remaining, heavily corroded

  • ~200lb? mushroom anchor - buried, weight is a guess

Mooring Inspection — 5/6/20

This mooring is in good shape overall. It has some worn components but is in an extremely protected located so not a big concern at this point.

This mooring is likely to experience shock loading in large storms due to the chain rode being all 3/8" chain & only 1.5:1 scope. The light chain & extremely short scope causes more chain wear & restricts the max boat size more than what's typical.

When the chain rode is due for replacement, recommend using 27' of 1/2" bottom chain & 6' of 3/8" top chain.

Cursory Mooring Ball Inspection — 11/19/19

This mooring is lacking a pendant & pickup buoy. The mooring ball shackle is wearing through. The shackle at the top of the chain is in fair shape for now but will need to be replaced in a year or two.

Recommend replacing the mooring ball shackle with a Polyform shackle, & adding a pendant & pickup buoy.


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