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Red Cap Marine does moorings a little better than most other companies.

We do mooring inspections & evaluations, set new moorings, relocate moorings, as well as mooring repairs & upgrades/maintenance. We have concrete block moorings & also install mushroom anchors moorings. Helix anchors are available for larger-scale projects.

HAZELETT ELASTIC MOORINGS: Red Cap Marine is a recommended installer for Hazelett Elastic Moorings. The Hazelett elastic system uses a 10-foot long 1-¾" diameter band that's very strong & stretches  — a single band is rated for a boat up to 10,000 lbs, & more bands will hold boats up to 35 tons. With an aluminum or PVC spar buoy that stays in the lake year-round, Hazeletts are the most reliable & longest-lasting mooring system.

Hazelett moorings have several big advantages versus chain systems – better longevity, smoother shock loading, no contact with the lake bottom & less maintenance. Initial cost is higher, but typical lifecycle cost is lower with better benefits to your boat. Hazelett moorings are more reliable overall — the entire system is buoyant so it will never catch on your mooring block or the lake bottom. Hazelett Elastic Mooring Systems are made in the USA, assembled at their Vermont warehouse, & sold world-wide.


CHAIN MOORINGS: We design chain moorings to well-established published specifications based on boat displacement & water depth. We never use just ⅜" chain & don't mix dissimilar metals. We use larger hardware than the chain, so the working load limit (WLL) matches & the mooring has no weak points. We make sure the light chain & swivel are always suspended off the lake bottom so the mooring lasts longer. We use Polyform mooring buoys which are half the price & last twice as long than the common Taylor mooring buoys. Our custom pendants have chafe sleeve along any rub or pinch points.


We use USA-made mooring chain & hardware whenever possible.

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