Outer Bay Cabins - Goggin


Depth @ 102' lake level: 27'
Coordinates: 44° 37.0219' N, 73° 16.4214' W

Recommended max: 6,500 lbs

Last Inspected: 8/3/19

All metal hardware listed below is galvanized unless otherwise noted. Hardware with no "[measurement] remaining" information had no measurable wear.

 GREEN: Good condition.

 YELLOW: Fair condition.

 RED: Replace immediately.

Mooring Components:

  • 7/16" shackle - UNSECURED - recommend using mousing wire or zip tie to secure shackle pin

  • 3/8" eye-eye swivel

  • 6' aluminum spar buoy w/ teflon washers on lower pin - significant ear wear

  • 5/8" eye-jaw stainless swivel - UNSECURED (see notes)

  • 3/4" Yalex, 12' length w/ stainless thimble top, loop bottom

  • 1-3/4" 10' elastic w/ dual 8" hard floats

  • 1" galvanized shackle w/ threaded pin - 15/16" remaining

  • 5x5x1' block (~2,100 lbs in-water weight) w/ 1" galvanized bail - 7/8" remaining

Inspection — 8/3/19

Found fishing line tangled around the rode with a hook embedded into the rope. Removed the line & hook. No damage noted.

Recommend removing the shackle & swivel at the top of the spar buoy, & instead connect the pendant directly to the top pin. There is already a swivel below the spar buoy so the top swivel doesn't serve much purpose except adding another potential failure point (unsecured shackle). At the very least, recommend securing the shackle pin with wire or a zip tie. Also still recommend adding top teflon washers.

The lower jaw clevis pin of the stainless swivel (below the spar) is unsecured due to the thimble taking up the entire width of the swivel. The pin was found tightened but this is a potential failure point. I don't see an easy solution short of replacing the rope with a smaller thimble, or switching to a larger swivel. Recommend checking/tightening the swivel clevis pin at least annually.

This mooring is in very good shape overall.

Inspection — 5/21/15


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