Outer Bay Cabins - Kirk


Depth @ 102' lake level: 27'
Coordinates: 44° 36.9992' N, 73° 16.4330' W

Recommended max: 6,500 lbs

Last Inspected: 8/20/20

All metal hardware listed below is galvanized unless otherwise noted. Hardware with no "[measurement] remaining" information had no measurable wear.

 GREEN: Good condition.

 YELLOW: Fair condition.

 RED: Replace immediately.

Mooring Components:

  • 1/2" stainless steel eye-eye swivel

  • 6' aluminum spar buoy w/ teflon washers - significant top ear wear, hitch clip concerns

  • 3/4" Yalex, 12' length w/ stainless thimble top, loop bottom

  • 1-3/4" 10' elastic w/ dual 8" hard floats

  • 1" galvanized shackle w/ threaded pin - 13/16" remaining. Undersized cotter pin but not a big concern

  • 4x4x1' block (~1,200 lbs in-water weight) w/ 5/8" stainless steel bail

Mooring Inspection — 8/20/20

Found the teflon washers had been installed outside the spar ears. The teflon washers should be installed on the inside of the ears on either side of the top swivel. Will correct during next maintenance visit to Outer Bay Cabin area next week.

Other than the top spar ears, this mooring is in very good shape overall with no new problems found.

Mooring Inspection — 8/3/19

Found fishing/leader line with lure tangled around the rope & elastic, to the point where the leader line had wrapped around & was digging into the elastic. Removed the fishing line, which left an imprint but no damage noted.

The stainless steel mooring block bail is slowing eating away the Hazelett elastic shackle due to galvanic corrosion from the dissimilar metals (see photo). Eventually the shackle will need to be replaced.

As in 2017, I highly recommend adding teflon washers on the top pin to prevent the worn spar "ears" from further wear from the top swivel.

Also I don't recommend using the hitch clip on the spar buoy top pin. With wave action, I think it's possible for the ring bumper to dislodge the hitch clip.

Other than the top spar ears, this mooring is in very good shape overall.

Mooring Inspection — 6/30/17

Recommend using teflon or plastic washers on the top pin to prevent further wear. Otherwise more wear will ruin the spar buoy, old top will need to be cut off & new top welded on (expensive repair). There is no swivel in the mooring rode as inspected — I'm assuming a swivel is used on top, which is fine — there just needs to be one swivel on there when a boat is moored. Mooring is in very good condition overall.


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