Outer Bay Cabins - Yeates


Depth @ 102' lake level: 19'
Coordinates: 44° 37.0507' N, 73° 16.4258' W

Recommended max: 1,500 lbs (due to worn condition)

Last Inspected: 8/3/19

All metal hardware listed below is galvanized unless otherwise noted. Hardware with no "[measurement] remaining" information had no measurable wear.

 GREEN: Good condition.

 YELLOW: Fair condition.

 RED: Replace immediately.

Mooring Components:

  • 6' aluminum spar buoy w/ ring bumper, teflon washers on lower pin

  • 1/2" eye-jaw stainless swivel

  • 5/8" nylon rope, 15' length, stainless thimbles top & bottom - missing float, frayed around lower thimble

  • 1/2" shackle - 1/8" remaining

  • 1/2" eye-jaw swivel - REMOVED (see notes)

  • 7/16" long-link chain, 8' length - 1/4" remaining

  • 7/16" shackle

  • 1/2" chain, 9' length - 1/4" remaining

  • 5/8" shackle

  • 4x4x1' block (~1,200 lbs in-water weight) w/ 5/8" stainless steel bail

Inspection — 8/3/19

Found the eye-jaw swivel was in imminent danger of failing. As I noted in 2015, this swivel design is prone to failure due to the defective jaw clevis pin design. The pin had less than 1/16" remaining between the cotter pin hole & the end of the clevis pin, & the cotter pin can just about drop through the hole. Decided it was best to remove the swivel immediately & connect the rope directly to the chain. I don't believe the 2nd swivel is necessary here as there's already a swivel on the other end of the rope, below the spar buoy.

The 1/2" shackle is in danger of failing soon with only ~1/8" remaining around the clevis pin. If the mooring will only be used for a few more weeks, it's probably fine to continue using it but I would replace it before next year.

The rope is frayed around the lower thimble, especially at the base. Hard to tell what's going on there. Recommend replacing the rope to be safe. The rope float has disintegrated so the rope isn't being held off the lake bottom anymore.

To be safe, I also recommend replacing the entire chain rode next year as some links in both sections are down to 1/4" remaining.

Inspection — 5/22/15

I did not end up replacing the middle 1/2" shackle & swivel. Those items are not a danger yet, & it would be a better use of time/money to replace them in a few years at the same time as when the lower chain wears out.

Recommend replacing the shackle on the lower end of the rope in a few years, which is a bit worn & has accelerated wear due to galvanic corrosion with the stainless thimble. Also the swivel below the rope has a design defect where the manufacturer didn't leave sufficient distance between the cotter pin hole & the end of the clevis pin — it's okay for now (not as bad as the others with this same swivel) but I'd reinspect every few years. The mooring shackle will continue to have galvanic corrosion with the stainless bail, but now it's a new & much larger shackle so should last at least 10 years.


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